Wednesday, 14 November 2012


When I was a special needs teacher we would all dread the Ofsted inspections when a small army of people would invade our school, watch us all at work, ask the kids what they thought of us and then mark our school on how good or bad we were.

It's not that we had anything to be ashamed of. We were proud of our efforts and scored well on the inspections. The reason we dreaded them was because of the stress which they induced because we were all understandably worried in case anything went wrong and we let the school and our colleagues down.

Does your job involve people sitting with clipboards watching you at work and then grading you?

Following this process, the inspectors would then meet with us and give us the benefit of their advice. 

The latest advice from Ofsted is that toilet roll holders, which have been used in schools for model-making since I was knee-high to a grasshopper, should be microwaved for 10 seconds before use to kill any germs they might have on them.

I wonder how long you need to microwave an Ofsted inspector for until they become sensible? 

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