Wednesday, 28 November 2012


The other day, my wife was messing about with the iron while I was very busy in the next room with my newspaper keeping abreast of what was happening in the world, forming opinions about national issues and doing puzzles and crosswords to keep my brain in tip top condition. 

After a while, I heard her switch off the iron, pack up the ironing board and start putting the clothes away. This activity on her part didn't affect me so I was able to continue with my studies without any loss of concentration.

However, a short while later, I heard her swearing and presumed that she had made some sort of mistake - something which she is very prone to do. Once again I was careful not to let this interrupt my train of thought so all was well.

All was well that is until she came in and actually interrupted me to explain her circumstances. I showed no displeasure at this and prepared myself to feign an interest in whatever troubled her.

It seemed that there was one item of clothing which she had forgotten to iron and having packed everything away, she couldn't be bothered to get it all out again. 

Seeing the look of puzzlement on my face, since I could not for the life of me fathom why this situation could possibly have any bearing on me, she proceeded to explain her idea.

She folded the offending garment and asked me to raise my buttocks off the chair whilst she lay them down underneath. She then said I could sit down again and allow the heat from my posterior to iron the creases out of the clothing.

Happy to help, I did as she requested and continued my perusal of the newspaper. Yet again proving my ability to multi-task.  

I must say, there is nothing to this ironing lark.   

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