Sunday, 25 August 2013


In which I extract the poetry from well-known songs.

I regularly crew on a large canal boat which gives free day-trips to the deserving.

One day recently while I was thus engaged, I grew fascinated by the sight of the willow trees growing on the bank and the tall grass below them. 

The willow's branches swept against the grass and it was almost as if they were in conversation.

It was but a small leap to a song which was a favourite of my parents and also of my own.

It was first recorded in 1940, the most popular version being by The Inkspots. Lyrics were by Fred Fisher and his daughter Doris.

Whispering Grass

Why do you whisper, green grass?
Why tell the trees what ain't so ?
Whispering grass, the trees don't have to know - no, no

Why tell them all your secrets?
Who kissed there long ago?
Whispering grass, the trees don't need to know.

Don't you tell it to the breeze '
cause she will tell the birds and bees 
and everyone will know 
because you told the blabbering trees
Yes, you told them once before;
It's no secret any more.

Why tell them all the old things?
They're buried under the snow.
Whispering grass, don't tell the trees
'cause the trees don't need to know.

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