Sunday, 18 August 2013


I like dogs. We had a family pet when I was a child and I have owned cocker spaniels and let one have a litter. Dogs are man's best friend. 

Unfortunately my present wife is allergic to them so I am unable to have a dog at home. I rely on others to let me stroke and play with their dogs to get my fix.

My love of dogs might be because I may have been a dog in my previous incarnation. There is evidence to suggest this.

You will be aware that when dogs dream, they often start running in their sleep and there are many funny videos of them doing just that. 

I have recently had two dreams when I was fighting. In the first I was kicking my opponent and in the second I was punching his lights out. On both occasions my dear wife had to wake me up because she was being kicked and punched by me!

Thankfully she was not injured since my skills at sleeping combat are unremarkable. 

So yes, I like dogs. In fact, as I have often said, if I should ever lose my wife (perish the thought), I would get another dog.

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  1. I would prefer a dog as well ... they are so duddlely ... My gf wants to get another dog, but I think with 2 kids and 1 dog already, we have our hands full ..