Sunday, 1 September 2013


Rugby players have a reputation of being the hard men of sport. None more so than the New Zealand player Wayne 'Buck' Shelford.

It is commonplace to see rugby players leaving the pitch with blood pouring down their faces only to return shortly afterwards with a large bandage holding everything together. 

How do you suppose things would go however, if one of them had his scrotum ripped open? 

Enter Buck Shelford:

In a rugby match against France, Shelford found himself at the bottom of a ruck. He was struck in the groin by the boot of a player causing his scrotum to rip, leaving one testicle hanging free. 

He left the pitch and told the doctor to stitch him up so that he could return to play.

Unfortunately, Shelford still didn't finish the game, not because of his scrotum injury but because of a concussion from a blow to the head. He also lost four teeth and all recollection of the game." 

I am very grateful that I have never been called upon to play against him.

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