Wednesday, 8 April 2009


Warning - do not read if you're squeamish or if you're eating!

I've been a member at my gym for nearly a year now and it never fails to amaze me how different the other members look. They really do come in all shapes and sizes. The area has quite an ethnic mix so we have pink members, brown members, black members .... the black members are mostly bigger than me and very well-developed.

All ages are represented from young and virile to old and tired ones. As you'd expect, the young ones are very fit whilst the older ones like me are getting a bit bent and droopy. Some of the really old ones have nasty blue veins showing - not a pretty sight.

Some members have piercings which make me wince in sympathy whenever I see them. Others have tattoos - snakes are very popular I notice. The members have varying amounts of hair of course, except for those who have been snipped short.

Of course all the members have bags to keep their equipment in. My bag is quite big but some of the others have quite small ones. Some of them have long handles so they hang quite close to the ground.

I've only got to know two of the members by name - Richard and William. If they are there I always greet them with 'Hi Willy!' or 'How you doing Dick?'. I always feel that if members are greeted properly, it makes them feel good and stand up tall and proud. For some reason, they've given me the nickname of 'Rooster'.

Anyway that's how things are in our gym. It's very popular. Loads of members hang out there.

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  1. I must join the gym but I need to get fit first