Tuesday, 7 April 2009


When one of my friends heard I was starting a blog page he said it was time for me to move into a home for the bewildered. I suppose it is a certain kind of madness to want to chat away on here to no-one in particular about matters of astronomical insignificance.

I also 'tweet' on 'Twitter'. This is a place where people go to emulate the birds by twittering away just to announce that they are there.......and it is absolutely brilliant!!!! If you are an interesting tweeter, others 'follow' you and you in turn follow them. You can 'group' your tweets by using a '#' symbol and I do this for a category which I have called 'bewildered'.

I pretend that I am in a 'retirement' home and try to raise a titter in the reader by making old or original jokes to do with old age. A recent example will give you the idea. "A salesman tried to get me to buy a 5-year investment bond. I told him, at my age I don't even buy green bananas!"

I am not trying to ridicule seniors but I do want to remind people that they exist and that some of them are bored witless in retirement homes just because the staff don't realise the lively minds they have around them. I have first-hand experience of this from the time when I had to explain to the staff that the poor old dear they were looking after was in fact my very intelligent and witty mother and if they'd just adjust her drug levels they'd find that out and I'd get my Mum back. (They did - and I did!)

There's a wonderful Grimm's fairy tale which sums it up for me called 'The old man and his grandson'. Just to be clear, I have the greatest respect for the caring professions. They have a tough job with very poor pay. Most of them are brilliant at what they do but one or two might need reminding about their duty to look after the quality of their patients' lives as well as their health care.

My advice is that growing old is to be avoided at all costs:

Two old men in a retirement home were sitting in the lounge and one said to the other, ''How do you really feel? I mean, you're 75 years old, how do you honestly feel?''

"Honestly? Well I feel like a new-born baby. I've got no hair, no teeth, and I just wet myself."


  1. I couldn't agree more. Too many dismiss the wisdom of our aged. I say we should pay a little more attention. What a brilliant idea to get your point across with humor. My favorite way to approach any subject.

  2. LOL
    the last place I want to be when I get old is a retirement home/village.
    I want to live in an apartment looking over a village square... with an elevator.

    That way I can feel part of the action, part of the world.

    Of course there'd need to be a bridge club nearby...

  3. I am growing old disgracefully and I am at the stage where I don't want to be viewed as wonderful for my serenity or my wisdom but that I can still fight injustice :o)