Thursday, 21 May 2009


I think that online dating agencies are a wonderful idea. Meeting and dating is normally a very hit and miss affair. I see nothing wrong with tweaking things so that you are meeting someone with whom you apparently share interests. Both of you will have had time to consider things and will usually have seen each other on video.

There was a time in my youth when I tried using a dating agency. It was not a success! The agencies were not as refined back then and there were certainly no videos to see. I mainly remember feeling petrified when I was on my way to the arranged meeting. I'd seen a 'studio' photo of her and we seemed to have things in common but my worst fears were realised when it dawned on me that the hideous smiling female homing in on me was she. The photographer had really earned his money in producing a likeness which, it now dawned on me, featured a lot of artistic shadow. She also had the personality of a dead fish and teeth which appeared to be forever trying to escape from captivity. Call me shallow but this combination didn't work for me.

How times have changed! I have learned of a modern day 'dating site' where 'Sugar Daddies' can meet up with 'Sugar Babies'. The Sugar Daddies pay $45 to join plus an optional $5 extra to keep the site off their bank statements! Guess what? Sugar Babes join for free - and women want equality?

The job description for being a Sugar Daddy is for a rich male who may, among other things, be looking for an extra-marital affair. Sugar Babies it is suggested, will be young, attractive females who need financial help. I know what my parents would have called this arrangement - and it would be nothing to do with dating agencies!

It also has nothing to do with Cupid who as you can see, has left in disgust.



  2. Ack!
    Sugar daddy accounts?
    See you later in Tweetsville.

  3. This is real? I live a very sheltered life. And I like it that way.