Saturday, 30 May 2009


I'm sure we are all familiar with the saying 'If you don't ask, you don't get'. Well unlike many such adages, this one seems to hold true.

Working our way through this recession has most of us looking for ways to cut costs and recently I thought to try and bring down my mobile phone bill. I'm on a contract and pay roughly £20 a month which includes a number of 'free' minutes and texts. So I phoned my mobile service provider.

I explained that as a fairly light user I felt that £20 a month was excessive. I added that I was being tempted by low monthly offers from other providers. Well was I glad I made the call! (The answer is yes).

After a couple of minutes the guy was back to say that instead of £20 per month I could pay £9 per month for which I would receive the same texts and minutes as before and in addition he would send me a free phone. Well I've sold the phone for £40 and cut my costs by £11 per month! WooHoo!

Maybe you could improve your mobile phone deal - must be worth a shot!


  1. Way to go Tony.. "The squeaky wheel gets the oil" That is a saying from somewhere

  2. Great advice!
    @Joe- It's grease. *wink* You people from Ohio sure speak funny.

  3. Woohoo is right! Great negotiation. :) I will have to try that.