Wednesday, 14 July 2010


I'm sure that I wasn't alone in fearing for our Prime Minister David Cameron's safety when he was regularly seen walking to work following the election. He must have presented his 'minders' with an immense problem trying to monitor every face in the crowd and look for threats from above. Clearly, V.I.P.'s need to be well protected when in public situations.

Now we all know that there is only £4.85 left in the treasury and that Mr. Cameron is on a thrift drive urging us to tighten our belts. He will therefore be as pleased as I am to learn that the royal family only cost us 62 pence each this year compared to 69 pence the year before. I await my cheque for 7 pence with great excitement.

One of the items under scrutiny is the security costs of the royals and others. It is revealed that the Queen's granddaughter Bea, has a police bodyguard who costs a staggering £250,000 per year. In stark contrast, the Queen's other grandchildren Peter & Zara Phillips have no bodyguard at all. What is to be done?

Well I have a suggestion. If royals like Bea are undertaking official duties I shall be happy to help pay for their security. However, if they are going out clubbing or off for a game of tennis, might I respectfully propose that they pay for their own personal protection. That way, the Treasury will soon reach the grand total of £5 and my pensioners' bus pass won't be under threat.


  1. Happy Saint Swithun's day Tony. Is it raining?

  2. In today's interesting times, I would agree that security is required. I do agree, however, with your viewpoint that surely when surrounded by friends and undertaking social activities that they could reduce or even forego the need for a bevvy of guards. Nice post....