Sunday, 18 July 2010


OK ladies - move along please, nothing to see here. I need a word with my male reader(s) about secret stuff I'd rather you didn't know about.

Right guys, now that they're gone..... I need some help with my wife. That is to say, I'm having a problem with her.

Don't get me wrong. I think she's very satisfied with me and I seem to be meeting her needs a little too well to the extent that... well to the extent that she's becoming a little too demanding.

To put it simply, it seems that I do too good a job. She is so satisfied with my standard of washing up that she's leaving me far too much. Well whatever did you think I was talking about?

When she cooks, she cooks like there's a prize for using as many pans as possible. Now in the days before dishwashers it was much easier. I could just drop the odd glass or plate and she would ban me from washing up because of my clumsiness. Now though, the breakables are in the machine and I'm left with the pans.

Don't get me wrong. I'm happy to do my fair share as I indicated when I wrote 'Fair enough'. Now though, its beginning to interfere with my 98% of leisure time.

So I need some ideas for pan washing avoidance. On the few occasions when she has washed them, I tried complimenting her on how much better she does it than me. I've thought of giving the pans a light spray of olive oil before putting them back in the cupboard. I've thought of buying a finger splint so I can feign a sprain. (Sorry its the poet in me). Somehow I don't think I've hit on the best solution.

So please. What's your way out of it?


  1. As soon as you say this is just for the men, you just KNOW every woman on the internet will want to read it! Now my problem is the opposite. Keith is the one who sets himself the target of using every cooking utensil in the house and leaving them for me to wash. Still, if it means he is doing the cooking, I can cope with that. :)

  2. I agree with Jennyta,

    What a cunning ploy! Keep scrubbing those pans lad, you are doing a sterling job. You have indeed stepped up to the plate, if you'll pardon the pun.

    Mind you women just get on with these things as a matter of course. ;-))

    Nellie Pledge

  3. Well you could assist in the kitchen and while she uses and finishes with the pans by removing any food residue and wiping them out with a cloth or kitchen paper making washing much easier oh and buy her a great big set of Le Creuset serving dishes :o)

    Failing that barbeque or take away food or live on salad and cold cuts :o)

  4. Sorry, I know I'm not a man but I just had to read it and I won't be letting Mr Posh read any replies you get either ;o)

    But, have you ever considered that your wife uses every single cooking utensil for a reason? ... maybe if you were to cook as well as wash up you wouldn't have so much washing up to do?

    *runs away*

  5. Do the cooking and use less pot and pans, or just let her do the washing up after you have cooked! Easy! lol

  6. Tony I just fill up one side of the sink with soapy water and put all the dishes in the water. That is my part of doing dishes usually/well maybe once in awhile