Wednesday, 21 July 2010


My wife Sally is heavily interested in fashion. She often tells me that her ideal job would be to act as someone's personal shopper, assisting them to find clothes which best suit them.

She of course, needs no assistance to find clothes which best suit her and the groaning wardrobes attest to that fact. When I first met her I was amused to discover that she would regularly come home with £200 worth of clothes, try them all on, then take £120 worth back to Marks & Spencers.

She treats each day as a challenge. In fact the day begins the night before as she plans her wardrobe for tomorrow's work day. Having carefully checked the weather forecast, various potential outfits are strewn over the bed until she comes up with the perfect combination to suit the weather and to catch the eye as she strolls down the catwalk office corridor.

Imagine my surprise then as having waved her off to work as normal, she came flying back into the house half an hour later all of a lather. As she raced upstairs, the hurried, breathless explanation cascaded down behind her.

It transpires that there is another woman at Sally's work called Jane who is totally different from Sally in that she cares not a jot what she wears to work. Her everyday outfit is the company fleece, blue jeans and trainers which she consistently wears as a comfortable 'uniform'. On this day however, the managers were having a special event and Jane wanted to make a special effort for it. She had therefore shed the fleece, jeans and trainers and had donned her high heels, a pencil skirt and as you may have guessed, the identical top to Sally - every woman's worst nightmare!

Of course the men in the office thought this was hilarious and proceeded to call Sally and Jane by each others names. This drove Jane to don her fleece to cover up and she slipped quickly into the grumps. Sally therefore proceeded to save the day by rushing home and changing her top. So my Wonder-woman saved the day.

I'm betting that Jane will be back in her fleece tomorrow.


  1. Oh my I certainly sympathize with your bride - even on this side of the pond I can tell you it's not good to see another woman dressed in "MY" outfit especially if she looks better than I. Of course now that I've shed all this weight - wouldn't you know it -- all I wear is shorts and tee shirts coz I'm retired! LOL btw what are "trainers"? Can't remember my Brit to American lingo this early in day. Cheers

  2. hehe that did make me giggle, I so knew where you were going with this one even before I finished reading it lol.

  3. As you said Whats in a name LOl