Wednesday, 28 July 2010


The hills are alive with the sound of "Ash - leeeeeeee!". This poor, wretched child named Ashley lives in our street and hears his name frequently bawled out by one or other parent. Unfortunately, this means that so do my neighbours and I.

There are some names which do not stand up to the 'being shouted down the street' test. "Shar-leeeen!", "Kay-leeeeeee!", "Char-dun-ayyyyyyy!" are further examples of this.

As Juliet said to Romeo:
"What's in name? That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet"

Memo to future parents: You will surely love your baby just as much if you call them by a name which passes the street screaming test - Joe, Ann, Tom or Jill for instance.

My tip is to name your baby after something which will endure the test of time and ensure your undying future love for them - how about "Chocolate" or maybe "Peanut Butter"?


  1. One of my neighbours had a daughter called Michelle and she was often to be heard bawling "SHELL!!!" down the road.

  2. I do not like these made up kind of names, my 3 offspring all have what I regard as proper old fashioned names..