Wednesday, 21 October 2009


My wife has an amazing skill. She can enter a clean and tidy kitchen, prepare the simplest of meals, then leave the kitchen looking like a team of chefs and sous-chefs have just come to the end of a busy shift. Every pot and pan will have been used, food will be on the work surfaces, on the floor and usually on the walls. I'm sure the reason her diet is working so well is that so little of her meal actually makes it to the plate!

After breakfast, she turns her back on the debris in the kitchen and sets off for work. Curiously, an amazing thing happens while she is out. We are visited by the dishwasher fairy, a large hairy, fairy who magically puts dirty dishes into the dishwasher, washes all the pans and cleans the surfaces. Yet somehow, when my wife returns from work, she seems not to notice that we have had a visitor. It's almost as if she expected the fairy to appear and do its thing.

This may seem a little one-sided but I can assure you that it isn't. You see, I too am visited by a fairy. My visitor is a beautiful, sylph-like creature who periodically removes my dirty clothes from the basket, washes them clean, sprinkles them with stardust and leaves them in a tidy pile on the bed for me to put away.

So we have two fairies who visit this house and as far as I'm concerned that's ......... fairy nuff.


  1. I would like to borrow both of your fairies, please. Currently there are none in this house. I'm a neat cook because I know that it'll be me who has to clear up after myself and as for the washing - well that's my job too! So if either of your fairies are flitting in a southerly direction, do please ask them to sprinkle a little stardust in my direction! I'm fair(l)y easy to please!

  2. I would happily fulfill the laundry and cooking fairy duties if I could have a dishwashing fairy. That would be the best!

  3. Tony your house sounds like mine -- I cook and make a terrible mess and Devoted Spouse (he would rather NOT be called a fairy thank you very much as it means something else here in the states LOL) always does the cleaning up. Come to think of it, Devoted Spouse does the laundry and takes out the trash and does the yard work and snow removal and always warms up my car and oh my am I ever spoiled!!! Cheers! Linda

  4. Hey, how do you go about getting a housekeeping or dish washing fairy? I could use one too. I guess I am both fairies in my house. But, hubby is the out doors fairy. Everything that needs done outside he does. I guess we all divide it up some how. Good post, thank you.

  5. Tony I also can atest to the fact women use way to many dishes,pots,pans etc. Good post but what would the BNP say?