Sunday, 4 October 2009


It would seem that had I been partnered with Eve in the Garden of Eden, I would have fared no better than Adam. I too have been tempted by the apple and now I have taken a bite.

It all started when I had a close look at the iPhone. You may recall from my earlier post 'Rotten Apple' that despite drooling for one, I am unable to have one - yet. Well the thing is, having reached the firm impression that it truly is God's machine, I was tempted to look at the Apple iMac too. Obviously this was only out of idle curiosity you understand. After years of being shackled firmly to Microsoft and Windows, there was no way I was going to take a quantum leap into the unknown by switching to an iMac...... and yet .....

They are beautiful machines. I have learned that Apple have ploughed serious money into making sure that they were much more attractive to behold than regular PCs. Yes but beauty isn't everything. No use them looking good and then breaking down all the time. What's that? They very rarely break down? If they do break down those nice smiley people from Apple will have it fixed before I can blink.

Yes but sorry, the bottom line is, everyone knows that there is much more software written for PCs than for iMacs. I couldn't manage without certain programs which won't run on an iMac. Pardon? I can run my Windows programs on the iMac very easily using a widget called 'Parallels'?

So as we speak, a shiny new iMac is winging its way to my home. How long before an iPhone is nestling in my hand too?


  1. Congratulations to you, you proud owner of a new iMac!! You will just love it. The sheer simplicity to set it up will have you sold before you even turn it on. :)

    I adore my iMac and it will be two years old this December. Hard to believe the time has flown... I still consider it "new".

  2. Have fun, Tony! Is there anything better than a new toy?

  3. Well, besides world peace, I mean.

  4. You and ozgirl with iMacs I feel like I'm lost in the jungle