Sunday, 18 October 2009


My brother is selling his house. He's been trying to sell it for quite a while but there's a problem. No getting away from it, the house is ugly! Of course he's made it very nice inside, done his best with it, but its one of the worst examples of 1960's design you can find.

The biggest thing in its favour is that its in the heart of town (Bristol) with lots of amenities on the doorstep. There's a library next door and a pub beyond that. There's a pedestrian crossing outside the gate leading over to an upmarket supermarket and a row of useful shops. Buses pass the door heading for all parts of the city - but the outside of the place is hideous!

So who would be the ideal buyers for this property? I'll give you a moment to think of the answer.......
Did you get it? Well my brother was so lucky when the estate agent (I think our friends over the pond call them realtors) phoned him up and said we have a couple who want to 'view' your property - they are both blind!

The appointed hour arrived and the blind couple turned up with a sighted friend to talk them through the tour. They were loving it. They especially liked the fact that there was such easy access to the shops over the road and all the other facilities that were so close at hand.

Then the doorbell rang. It was the estate agent who was running late and arrived all breathless. 'Sorry I'm late' he said, 'but you'll never guess what's happened! Someone's been hit by a car on the crossing outside'.

Don't you just love estate agents? Just what my brother wanted the blind couple to hear!


  1. That isn't to bad. It could have been a drive by shooting

  2. No Way!! I can't believe he would burst in and say that when showing the house to potential buyers.

    I would buy the house sight unseen... didn't you say there's a pub nearby??! ;-)