Wednesday, 7 October 2009


I really shouldn't be complaining about this government and its laws. They have been so ridiculous lately, that I have had plenty of content for these posts. There was the idea of letting cyclists get a new bike from me by shoving their bikes in front of my car which I covered in 'The lunacy of the law', then there was the case of the school meals assistant who was sacked for letting a father know that his daughter had been the victim of a bullying attack not a skipping accident as the school had told him. That one was dealt with under 'Bully for her'.

The latest example is a beauty. Two female police officers who worked at the same station (so were colleagues and friends), have been looking after each others children - which worked really well since they work different shifts. You are probably waiting for me to go on to reveal something which they did wrong. I already did!

The government agency responsible for governing childcare (Ofsted), have declared their arrangement illegal. This is apparently because
1. They are not registered child minders.
2. They look after the children for longer than a 2-hour stretch.
3. They are remunerated for their time when looking after the children by receiving free childcare.

They are policewomen for heaven's sake! All they are doing is helping each other out and it should have nothing whatsoever to do with the law. To say that the law is an ass in this case is an insult to asses.

Rant over.


  1. Tony all I can say is: There is always a sunrise somewhere;

  2. Un-frickin'believable!!!! The laws try to cover all the bases, then they end up infringing on the freedoms of innocent people, just trying to live their life everyday to the best of their abilities. Sheesh.