Sunday, 6 November 2011


Today is my 65th birthday and last night I held a celebratory dinner in my own honour. There were 16 of us and we were in a private dining room in one of my favourite restaurants.

I had prepared a short speech despite my family's groans ('Oh no not another speech') and decided to deliver it after the main course before the wine had reached tsunami proportions.

The theme of my little chat was about the importance, having achieved the grand old age of 65, of having a good team behind you and in my case, I was looking at them. Between them, my friends and family present at the dinner are able to provide all of the useful support services I might need. The guests included

A Cordon Bleu chef to satisfy the inner man.
An Accountant to nurture my newly acquired pension.
A magistrate to get me off with a caution when I am hauled up for driving the wrong way up the motorway.
A Pharmacist to advise me how best to use my free medicine prescriptions.
A sports coach to keep me fit.
A weather expert to ensure my life's autumn days are sunny.
An advisor for vehicles for the disabled should my fitness expert let me down.
A home entertainment advisor who boasts one of the largest DVD collections in the area.
A brilliant teacher (you're never too old to learn) and fashion advisor who keeps me looking trendy.
A bodyguard - who is an army sergeant (don't mess with me).
A fully qualified life coach - sadly too late for a mid-life crisis.
A home improvements expert.
A marketing manager to help me publish my book.
A master stonemason who will be able to make me a bespoke gravestone of the finest quality when my luck runs out.
The love in my life and the love of my life who also serves as the other half of my brain (I lack the common sense gene).

All in all, the dream team.


  1. WE should all be so lucky

  2. Belated birthday greetings!
    It's funny, isn't it - finding as we 'mature' that our friends seem to have acquired impressive jobs. Last week I had dinner with the Head of Press & PR for Merseyside Police' - trouble is we both had exactly the same job a few years ago but now I'm an entry-level library assistant! Go figure!

  3. Happy 65th Birthday to you Xxxx