Sunday, 4 March 2012


Some good friends of ours were on holiday in Italy recently and sent me a photo of themselves sitting at a table at a beach cafe. Nothing unusual about that you might think except for one strange detail. I was sitting there with them.

They had apparently encountered my double and I had to admit that my 'twin' was a near perfect match.

There is a commonly held belief that we all have a double. The French call it your 'sosie' which means 'look-alike' and the German name is 'doppelganger' which we Brits have adopted as a term in our own language.

Of course if you are lucky enough to be the spitting image of a celebrity you can make a good living out of it - but there is always the downside when celebrity doubles are pestered for autographs or photos in public.

There is one other problem. A popular superstition suggests that meeting your doppleganger can bring you bad luck because you may be encountering your evil twin.

Of course if the guy in Italy were to meet me it might be him who was face to face with his evil twin.

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