Sunday, 18 March 2012


Think of the poshest restaurant you know. Now imagine one that's even more exclusive. The sort where you have to book months in advance - in short, the sort of restaurant which is where the celebrities eat.

Now imagine that you are to dine there. A well meaning friend has decided that you could do with a good meal and has given you a voucher for two people for £500 off the bill. You wonder if this will cover it.

My question is - what will you wear? Black tie? Your smartest interview suit? Hire a white tuxedo?

The solution you may think, is to look at the paparazzi photos of celebrities leaving their favourite restaurants and see what the form is.

Having done this I have discovered that you should wear a scruffy, wrinkled pair of trousers plus a shirt left hanging out and of course no tie. The point they are making I presume, is that because they are rich, they can dress as they like.

I beg to differ. I may be a dinosaur but I think it is important to make an effort to dress smartly when dining in a smart establishment and I fully support dress codes in such places which should apply to everyone regardless of their wealth.

Steggy has spoken.

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  1. What would you call a cork=teaser at a car maintenance classes??? Work on that one Tony