Sunday, 11 March 2012


It is reputedly a well-known fact that women who attend car maintenance classes are on the lookout for a man. This got me thinking about which class was the male equivalent - i.e. the best to find a new lady friend. If you're a male 'on the pull' here is my advice.

Clearly a rogue male attending either pre-natal or ante-natal classes would be regarded with suspicion. Anyway it would defeat the object since there is a strong likelihood that the women attending would be spoken for. Even if they weren't, they are likely to come with 'extras' which might cramp your style.

Flower arranging classes and the like are unlikely to project the macho image which you no doubt would seek to display.

On the other hand offering yourself as a nude model for the ladies' painting class leaves nothing for their imagination to work on.

If you are something of an adonis, then Pilates or Yoga classes would show you in a good light but then I suspect that those males who have more than their fair share of good looks would not need to resort to this sort of subterfuge.

The answer of course is ballroom dancing classes. These will give you the chance to get up-close and personal and there is every chance that there will be more ladies than men present.

Finally, if you are genuinely ugly I may have the very thing - drama classes. Gives you a chance to show off, be loud, grab their attention and with a bit of luck they'll be rehearsing 'The Hunchback of Notre-Dame' or 'Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde' in which case there'll be a perfect role for you.

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