Wednesday, 28 March 2012


I've just become hooked on a new game to play on my smartphone. It's called a smart phone because it's too clever just to be used for talking to people.

I wouldn't quite say that I'm addicted - at least not yet. Perhaps I'm addicted to statistics because not for the first time, my game playing led me to find out the top ten strange addictions which people get. I'll be honest about myself - see if you admit to any of them.

10. Shopping. Not for me. I can take it or leave it.

9. Exercise. I didn't get this body through exercise plainly.

8. Tanning. Nope. This is rust.

7. Cosmetic surgery. There may be a good case for it but I haven't succumbed.

6. Ice chewing. This is a form of craving for non-nutritional food. Mine is all nutritional hopefully.

5. Hair pulling. Chance would be a fine thing! Not an option.

4. Tattoos. Not since schooldays when you could buy fake ones with bubblegum wrappers.

3. Eating dirt. Same problem as 6 above. Not for me. Though my Grandma would say ' we all have to eat a speck of dirt before we die'.

2. Gaming. Getting closer but not there yet.

1. Internet. You got me!

How did you do?

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  1. I know a fellow that pulled all his hair out..He was disturbed..going to borrow #3 for Facebook..Sorry my post left you cold it did me to..LOL