Sunday, 17 June 2012


Mooning: To expose one's buttocks suddenly and publicly either as a prank or as a gesture of disrespect. 

But why is it called 'mooning'? Well some would say that it is because the buttocks are a bit sort of moon shaped. Others say it is because the buttocks are normally not seen - just as the moon is not normally seen in the day but emerges at night. So mooning is to expose what is normally not seen.

Bare with me. Sorry I mean bear with me.
Most of us know that the crescent moon is also known as 'hunter's' moon since it looks a bit like an archer's bow. A full moon is also known as a harvest moon since it occurs close to the Autumn equinox when the harvest takes place. You may not have known that an almost but not quite full moon is called 'gibbous'. 

I have always thought that 'builder's bum' was the (inadvertent) exposure of the top of the crack. You know what I mean - don't play dumb. The point of my scribbling is that I am horrified to report that during my trip into town today I encountered not one but two separate examples of bum exposure, both by females, and both clearly not inadvertent.

These two experiences have left an indelible imprint on my brain not only because the buttocks in question desperately needed to be kept covered up (believe me on this) but also because in both cases we are not talking of crescent moons but utterly gibbous moons only just short of the harvest version. 

I will stop there because I need to go and lie down in a dark room for a while.

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