Sunday, 3 June 2012


I've always felt that humanity is largely divided into two types apart from the obvious male and female - optimists and pessimists. 

For myself, I am an optimist. I was reminded of this just now as I heard a siren screaming as an emergency was being responded to by either an ambulance or the police or both.

It reminded me of a time when I was chatting to one of my favourite chefs whose restaurant is on a very busy street. Frequently that evening, ambulance sirens had been heard rushing up and down the street outside and my gastronomic friend looked troubled on each occasion. I asked him why it concerned him.

'I always think that it means that somewhere not far away, somebody is hurt badly' he said.

The optimist in me replied 'Perhaps, but it also means that help is on the way'. 

'I shall remember that each time I hear the sirens' he responded. 

Pleased to have cheered him, I continued to enjoy my delicious meal.


  1. Have you been celebrating the Jubilee??

  2. Hello there! Do you happen to own any journalism skills or this is a pure natural talent ? Can't wait to hear from you.