Sunday, 10 June 2012


So, as I may have mentioned a few thousand times before, I've become a Grandpa. It was all because of a tiny bundle called Emily Elizabeth.

Her Mum is feeding and nurturing her of course and it has struck me that for a while, all babies are parasites. Starting in the womb, they draw their nourishment from their Mum's supplies and she poor thing has to eat more in order to keep herself and baby healthy. The process continues after the birth as baby still grazes from her Mum's buffet.

Emily's mother is a very beautiful woman but is very aware of a few extra spots on her face and some lumps and bumps to temporarily spoil her lovely figure. As we all know, after a while, she will regain her former beauty but here's my take on it.

Just as she is busy sharing her body's nourishment with Emily, so too for a short while, she is sharing her beauty as well and Emily is blossoming into a beauty in her own right. 

In time, mother and daughter will emerge as rose and rosebud and the world will be an even more beautiful place.

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  1. Tony, what a beautiful take on Emily and her mother in the last couple or three paragraphs. I love it.