Wednesday, 13 June 2012


A lot of my friends and family just don't 'get' Twitter. Indeed a lot of them just don't get me. But that's another story. 

'You're just chatting to a bunch of strangers' they say. Whilst that may be true I think it's fair to say that after chatting with this bunch of strangers for several years I have got to know them pretty well - and vice versa. 

As to why I chat to them I can only say that I believe that it is man's normal state to be sociable and gregarious so I'm just doing what comes naturally.

But now there's something new. It's now possible to use the technology of video chat such as Skype for instance, to video chat with total strangers. You just press the 'find me a random person somewhere on this planet to appear on my screen and start chatting with' button. 

Must be a pretty big button with all those words on it. It's also a pretty big step to take and one which is too far for my social stride to take on. So sorry but I'll be pressing the 'find me a person somewhere on this planet who I either know or am known to have a lot in common with' button instead.


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