Sunday, 22 July 2012


I hold you in my arms looking down at your sleeping form. I hear your soft breathing and gently stroke your hand. Even though you are asleep, your fingers close around mine. Your skin is soft and warm.

I gaze at your beauty and not for the first time I am in awe at your perfection. You stir and move. Will you wake? No, you allow me a little longer to look and admire.

Eventually your eyes open but only a little. I smile. You return the smile and I wait patiently for your eyes to open fully.

When they do, we examine each other's faces for a while. I think to stand up and discover that two hours have passed without me noticing. Two hours spent doing nothing. Nothing but love.

Along with my heart you have stolen two hours of my life but I am the richer for it. Though I am two hours older, I feel years younger, for whilst I held you, the years fell away and my thoughts returned to the warm summers of my youth.

You are the time thief.

You are Emily...

...and you are seven weeks old today.



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