Wednesday, 11 July 2012


My dear Grandmother used to keep a tidy house and was very careful with the pennies. She lived in Shirley which is in the West Midlands which is also where I was born.

One day she heard that bacon was 2d a pound (yes old money) cheaper in a shop in Solihull than in her local grocers. She therefore got my Granddad to drive her there (a round trip of about 10 miles) completely oblivious to the petrol cost involved. We used to call this being 'penny wise, pound foolish'.

I was reminded of this when I recently travelled some twenty miles to go to a store where I knew they had wine racks for sale at £15 which were £25 elsewhere. 

I was very pleased with my £10 saving but there was a slight problem. When parking in their car park, I dented my bumper which cost me £220 to repair.

It's all in the genes.

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