Wednesday, 4 July 2012


My brother has never enjoyed the best of health and when he needs to go into hospital, he always seems to catch an infection and/or suffer complications.

So it was when he went in for surgery around Christmas 2010 which was expected to see him discharged two weeks later. He was in there for nine months.

It is now July 2012 and although he has been living at home for a few months at a time, he is still in hospital. Worse, he has now been told that though in his early 60's he will live his life wearing nappies, with incontinence of the bowel. As if that wasn't enough, he will also be nil by mouth so no food or drink just liquid tube feed for 12 hours a day.

This is a hammer blow. Not to be able to enjoy food and cooking (he is a great cook) and not to be able to enjoy his wines is a real cross to bear.

He doesn't read these scribbles of mine but I must get him to focus on the positives. He is otherwise fit and healthy so can presumably play his golf. He can enjoy all the other pleasures which life has to offer and having lost a lot of weight, can make me feel jealous of his slim build. 

He aint heavy. He's my brother.

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