Wednesday, 20 February 2013


This year I went a bit overboard for Valentine's Day. In truth, I needed a few 'Brownie points'.

A small fortune secured a bouquet of mixed flowers with a centrepiece of a red rose  with a diamante heart in the middle together with a box of the finest Belgian chocolates. I arranged for this to be delivered to my wife's workplace as a total surprise. 

Before you get too impressed at my loving gesture let me point out that the reason this was such a surprise is that I don't normally do more than a card.

But I was wondering ... why red roses specifically? Well it seems that red roses are a symbol of romantic love, synonymous with passion and romance. For this reason, the red rose is often called “the lover’s rose.”

Red roses are usually given as a gift to loved ones as a romantic gesture or “just because”, to let them know that someone cares about them.

Apparently there are different meanings associated with the various red shades of  roses too. Deep red roses (the most common gift) are usually associated with lovers. A bright red shade is a symbol of passion. If the roses are cardinal red they signify desire.

The age of red roses can also symbolise various things. Red rose buds that are as yet unopened are often used to signify love in its early stages or the beginning of a relationship. Fully open red roses however, are a symbol of a lasting firmly established relationship.

Anyway, my gesture was much appreciated and my Brownie point balance is now in a very healthy state. I wish I could say the same of my bank balance.

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