Sunday, 10 February 2013


When my Dad died ...

Don't worry - you shouldn't need the box of tissues.

As I was saying - when my Dad died, I had to do the usual painful job of sorting out his stuff. There was accumulated rubbish to throw away, useful items to give to charity, the odd item of value to sell and a few mementos with associated memories.

It was a sad occasion of course but the saddest moment for me was when I was clearing the bedroom and found the book he had been reading at the side of the bed. He was half-way through it. How sad I thought, that he never got to finish the story.

Now like me, Dad liked nothing more than a good murder mystery novel. I began to wonder - which book will they find unfinished next to my bed after I check out

So here's my plea. Whether I find myself knocking on Heaven's Gates or Hades' Hatch, please will someone take pity on me and tell me Whodunnit?

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