Wednesday, 12 June 2013


Warning - Spoilers!

Kids are so gullible. 

Every Christmas, we tell them that this weird old man with a long white beard dressed all in red will visit them while they sleep. Arriving on the roof in his reindeer-powered sleigh, he's going to bring them a load of presents once he finds his way down the chimney.

Of course it must be true because when they wake up there are the presents just as Mum and Dad said they would be. 

Obviously I never fell for this nonsense. I knew all along that there wasn't a Santa Claus - that it was just a load of old cobblers which my parents came up with because they liked to play pretend games. Far too worldly-wise me.

Anyway, today I visited the dentist and had a tooth out. I'm not daft. I asked to take the tooth home because I plan to put it under my pillow tonight so the tooth fairy will visit and leave me some money.

When I was a youngster it was about sixpence but allowing for inflation I'm hoping for at least a fiver by now.

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