Sunday, 30 June 2013


I have mentioned my lack of D.I.Y. prowess before. 

My latest effort involved assembling a 'loft' wardrobe. My better half and I buy far too many clothes and need to store them in the loft - seasonally. Hence our 'his' and now also 'hers' loft wardrobes.

Seemed straightforward. All parts present in the box. Idiot-proof instructions provided - so what could go wrong?

Well the good news is that I completed the task. The bad news is that it took me most of the day instead of the usual one to two hours.

You see, I discovered four opportunities to use my initiative. Sadly, I am lacking that gene. 

Four times I had to make a decision to place a section one way or the other with no help from the 'even a blind blonde could do it' guide.

I got it wrong on each occasion. 50-50 chance, wrong four times in a row. What are the odds on that?

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