Wednesday, 5 June 2013


I went to my granddaughter's very first birthday party yesterday. As befits her utter gorgeousness, she was deluged with presents with an emphasis on pinkness.

As she was helped to unwrap them, she performed the classic manoeuvre. One present was wrapped in  white tissue covered in silver sparkly stars. Oblivious to the present, she proceeded to spend a full five minutes first examining this paper in close detail and then slowly tearing it into shreds. She was totally engrossed in this and eventually the adults gave up trying to point out the delights of the present itself.

The thing is, I was minded of the fact that this is not an entirely childish trait. Adults too can be guilty of it.

For instance, a few years ago, we bought a large Christmas cake from a well-known emporium. The cake itself was completely unremarkable. What caught our attention however, was the excellent and functional plastic cake container which it came in. 

My wife loves making cakes and when she makes a large one, she then keeps it in this container, especially if it is to be transported somewhere else...

...and as for bubble-wrap - keep it away from me because I am an addict!

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