Wednesday, 3 July 2013


I don't often get political but sometimes it just seems to be a case of stating the bleeding obvious. So here I go once again demonstrating why I'm not in Westminster.

What the frack is Fracking?
It's drilling for natural gas. Fracking technology makes  it possible to drill both vertically and horizontally to tap into natural gas reserves that were previously inaccessible. Most experts view natural gas as the most important fuel for the future.

What Are its Advantages?
Natural gas releases much less carbon into the atmosphere than coal. The improved drilling methods for natural gas can slow the progression of global warming. Natural gas plants are also relatively cheap to build.

What Are its Disadvantages?
Fracking can cause very small earthquakes with the possibility of minor structural damage. Some experts believe these quakes actually relieve pressure that could have caused larger future earthquakes. There is an issue regarding the disposal of contaminated water from the fracking process. There can also be land rights issues. 

We cannot survive as a modern society without energy. It is essential. That being so, eventually we shall have to ignore green issues to obtain it. So let's get the frack on with it.

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