Sunday, 7 July 2013


My personal favourite of the recent batch of nutty news stories.  

There are some who would say that you have to be a pretty brave person to be a burglar. Their argument is that you never know what or who you might find in the building which you infiltrate. You also need to be quite bright in knowing how to break in and which target to choose.

The time of year can be a factor as the burglar who chose to do his thing in the Winter found to his cost when the police simply followed his footsteps to his house in the snow.

The main things you would need to worry about as a burglar are armed householders and angry dogs. There are also burglar alarms to consider and of course in this modern age, CCTV. 

So if you were to choose a place to burgle, top of the list of places to avoid would be ...?

A CCTV installer. Our intrepid burglar got this one wrong and his every move was filmed - he was then identified and caught within 24 hours.

Hope he remembered to smile for the camera.


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