Sunday, 21 July 2013


My wife was in a black mood. This was caused by my underpants. Apparently the fact that they were all black gave her laundry problems.

Now I have learned from experience that anything which puts my dearly beloved into a mood has to go - so out they all went and I hit the shops on pants patrol.

In no time at all I had bought every conceivable colour, red, yellow, lime green, neon orange, electric blue and so on. 

Now on laundry day, our garden is a riot of colour and this has nothing to do with our plants but everything to do with the washing line.

So is my wife happy now? Of course not.

The new problem is that when she brought in the rainbow-coloured pile of freshly laundered underpants, a rather confused and drowsy bumble bee was found nestling within trying to locate some pollen.

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