Wednesday, 10 July 2013

NUTTY NEWS (2) - Football Crazy

My pick from the recent examples of nutty news stories.

I always intended these to be funny news stories but this one is so incredible it had to be included.

You probably know that Brazil is to host the football World Cup in 2014. If you are a referee, you may be interested in this story.

On June 30th this year, during an amateur football match in Brazil, the referee showed a player the red card.

The player refused to leave the pitch and an argument began between him and the referee. 

The referee pulled out a knife and stabbed the player. Later, the player died on the way to the hospital.

Following the stabbing, there was a crowd invasion of the pitch. The crowd stoned the referee. They then tied him up. Next they cut off his hands and then his legs just below the knee. 

Just to be sure, they now decapitated him and stuck his head on a pole which they then stuck in the middle of the pitch. 

I shan't be buying a ticket for the World Cup next year.


  1. Oh dear, that seems to be a slightly drastic reaction - the crowd I mean, not you. Mind you, you're probably safe as long as you're not a referee!


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