Sunday, 28 July 2013


I have worked with disabled children most of my life. Most were intellectually disadvantaged but many also had physical disability and were wheelchair bound.

I have also had good friends who live their lives in wheelchairs and have had to find ways to cope with the limitations which this brings.

Life in a wheelchair is clearly no fun as Melanie Reid, journalist with 'The Times' can vouch for, since she fell from a horse and suffered spinal injury leaving her severely disabled.

One of the first times when this cruel situation was brought home to us was perhaps when Superman (Christopher Reeve), became a quadriplegic, again after a fall from a horse in 1995.

Imagine then what it must be like to have a condition where you want to have this disability. Where you life your life doing dangerous things in the hope that you will break your legs or sever your spine.

The condition is called 'Body Integrity Identity Disorder' and an American lady, Chloe-Jennings White, suffers from it.

For once, I hope somebody doesn't get their dearest wish.

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