Wednesday, 24 March 2010


My dear wife once had a friend who had OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). This dreadful condition can manifest itself in many different ways. In her case, the poor lady would leave her house to go to work then having locked the door and started off, had to return home to check whether she had turned off the lights. She would leave again but would then return to check whether she had left a tap running. She would continue to return home 3 or 4 times to check various items before she could finally depart albeit in a nervous state still wondering whether she had left her home safe. She had the same problem again when leaving work to go home.

Thankfully my aforementioned spouse does not have this awful condition and yet often, when we leave home, as we are driving out of the road she will suddenly shriek 'Go back! I've forgotten my sunglasses / gloves / purse / lip balm'. You get the picture.

The neighbours must be getting so used to this phenomenon that I can imagine them timing how many seconds it will be before they see us return and my wife run frantically back into the house.

Well yesterday, it happened again but with a twist. We had been driving for almost two whole minutes when the call came 'Go back! My earrings don't match!' It transpired that she had been uncertain which pair to wear so had inserted one of each in order to solicit my opinion. Of course, she had then totally forgotten about them.

Clearly she is suffering from OED - Odd Earring Disorder.



  2. What's so funny. Surely that's normal-it's happened to me-I've gone to bed and taken my earings off only to find one green long triangular earring the other silver and oval. It slowly dawned on me that I had been to work earlier in the day,(staff and customers too polite to say)spent the whole afternoon and evening with my husband (not the most observant) oh well ce la vie!

  3. Perhaps she will set a new fashion statement... two different earrings = a unique and daring person. :)

  4. I'm sure it used to be

  5. Well, she's either going to set a new trend, as Ox Girl says, or it's an interesting alternative to going out in odd shoes - and I have known more than one person to do that!