Wednesday, 17 March 2010


Just when I thought I'd heard everything, I discover that pupils in Glasgow are being given lessons in how to sleep. This was never on the curriculum in my day and I'm willing to bet that the same goes for you.

Mind you, the few lessons I had in Latin used to have a wonderfully somnolent effect until the Latin master nicknamed 'Archie' hurled the board rubber at you - and let me tell you, his aim was deadly.

The pupils in question are teenagers. Now my memory isn't what it was but I do remember clearly the many hours which I spent in my bed in a totally comatose state during my teens. I also remember my own children following suit having apparently inherited this happy hibernation ability.

Can you imagine the lessons? "Now children, I want you all to lie down on the floor and stick your thumbs in your mouths. Did you remember to bring your favourite teddy in?"

Can you also imagine what they will be teaching next after how to sleep? "Hurry up Jones, you'll be late for your cornflake eating class. Well done Smith for passing your 'how to sit in a chair without slouching' exam"

As you will have noticed, my gasted is totally flabbered.


  1. This post is very interesting !! Your thought process is great !

  2. At first, I thought their eyes (pupils) were being given lessons, LOL.

    I'm totally amazed also. I didn't know that teenagers nowadays had such difficulty mastering the fine art of sleeping!!!

  3. Tony I'm pretty sure it is a required course to get in a major university LOL