Sunday, 21 March 2010


There is a debate going on at present about the reporting of the deaths of our brave soldiers in Afghanistan.

Some people are annoyed when the front page news is about a 'football hero' like David Beckham suffering an injury on the pitch which will probably prevent him playing in the world cup. The argument goes that our front line troops are the true heroes and it is their injuries and deaths which should fill the front page.

It may be very sad for Cheryl Cole that her marriage has broken down but 'we can wait until page 5 to read about it'. Her story should not push our fallen soldiers off the front page is the opinion of many.

When my future son-in-law was out fighting in Afghanistan, my family and I were living a daily nightmare as we heard the daily news and learned of the casualties. Thankfully, he and most of his comrades have returned safely. So I know the anguish of the families whose sons and daughters are fighting for their country. I can only imagine the pain of those families whose children do not return.

Whether you agree with the war or not, there is no question that our soldiers, not our sportsmen, are the true heroes. Their bravery is not in doubt. I agree with those who feel that our soldiers deaths in combat are tragic and newsworthy.

However, I disagree that their deaths are front page news. Reports of their deaths will not sell papers and should no more be on the front page than the obituary column should be. So let us continue to have flashy stories on the front page which will entice people to buy the papers - then those readers will encounter the news of our fallen heroes as they turn the pages within.


  1. I'm afraid newspapers are becoming a "thing" of the past.

  2. I must say I agree... everyone knows where to look in the newspaper to find out about any deaths. From time immortal, newspapers have printed the most startling news on the front page and I see no reason this should not continue. They have enough difficulty selling papers these days so if their news is not enticing, their numbers will drop even more!