Wednesday, 31 March 2010


I have so little to do (believe that and you'll believe anything!) that I have recently joined a photo club - nothing too serious. We're really just a bunch of 'Happy Snappers'.

Every couple of months we are to have a competition. The first of these has just completed. The competition title for the photos was 'Winter wonders and Christmas memories.'

I submitted three photos in all and this was the one which did best, coming 3rd overall out of 68:

I called the photo 'Galaxies' because I felt that it looked like a view of outer space but it is actually a shot of the frozen surface of a canal which people have thrown snowballs onto.

I'm pleased with my effort but being very competitive, I'm hoping to do better next time.

What's that you say? You don't understand how come it didn't win? Well since you mention it, me neither.


  1. I was sure itm was the constellation Orion |Nice photo Tony

  2. Looks like a winner to me ... I think there must have been a mix up when they judged it ;o)