Sunday, 2 September 2012


Having trouble sleeping?

Find yourself waking too early?

Mind races when you go to bed?

Fed up with being asked stupid questions?

Help is at hand. Of course reading my writings have a soporific effect of their own but as someone who can sleep the sleep of the dead I have some serious tips to offer if you often find yourself wide awake at night.

Make yourself comfortably tired.
Ensure you have the right amount of bedclothes to be comfortably warm. If you aren't tired when you go to bed, read until you are.

Separate yourself from reality.
Do not take a glass of water to bed. Drinking will wake you up. Ensure the room is very dark - fit black-out blinds if necessary. Never look at the time. This will start you thinking about the real world. If you go to the loo, the idea is to complete the process half-asleep so only open your eyes a fraction. 

When you want to go to sleep, start thinking about some sort of fantasy. For instance, pretend that you are a child again and  are going for a trip to the seaside. Or imagine you are an animal. Do not think about real-life situations. 

If you do find yourself awake when you want to be asleep, do not fret about it - remind yourself that you are still resting. 

Sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite.

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  1. I haven't been in touch with reality for awhile now. Think I'll sleep on it..