Sunday, 14 April 2013


A word of advice. If you see me by the shops, head down, elbows sticking out, keep clear. It means I'm on a mission to find something - preferably a bargain.

I was in St. Ives not long ago on such a mission. I sought a chocolate brown hoodie. I'd checked my hoodie collection and had all the colours of the rainbow including various browns but no chocolate brown.

I stormed into an unsuspecting shop which was displaying 'Sale' signs outside and after careful scrutiny of the hoodies on offer, 'Eureka!' - a chocolate brown one in the 'XL' section marked at £25 came to light. It was half-price. I checked the hanger - 'XL' - and went to pay.

That evening however when I came to try it on before bed I discovered to my horror that it was actually size 'small' which you might have guessed I'm not.

I drove back to St Ives the next day and presented the hoodie for a refund. 'No refunds on sale goods' came the reply. 

I explained that I had not changed my mind about the purchase but that it was clearly the wrong size and had been placed on an incorrect hanger. The lady behind the counter who had the demeanor of a female wrestler suggested that it must have been put on the wrong hanger by a customer. 

She said I could only have a credit note. Reluctantly, I accepted. As she organised it I said 'I hope you feel bad about this'. 'I don't have to give you a credit note and if you're rude to me I wont' she said.

Clearly the art of customer service is as dead as a Dodo. 

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