Wednesday, 29 May 2013


Considering the rubbish Spring weather we've been having it was an unusually hot day. Probably one of three this year. 

Anyway, my dear wife, Sally, was transporting me to a nearby emporium of delights which we call Sainsburys. So, having checked my medical insurance (don't tell her this), I was sitting in the passenger seat and she was driving.

Like I said, it was warm. The car was warm. I was warm. So I opened the window. At least, I pressed the button but nothing happened. I pointed out my dilemma and my wife went into a despondent mood of doom and gloom. She explained that the window on my side had stopped working and she'd been meaning to visit the garage to get it fixed but was waiting until after payday in anticipation of a hefty bill.

Switching into hero mode in order to employ my damsel in distress skills I gently enquired whether she had tried pushing the big button on the driver's door armrest. "No" she replied "I don't know what it does". "Try it" I suggested. She did and I opened my window. 

"Now close it" she said. I did. "Now open it again". I did. "That's amazing! "How did you do that?". I explained about child locks.

"So I wont have to go to the garage and spend out on it. Brilliant!"

My brownie points total was instantly credited and with the minimum of effort. Before you ask, yes my wife is blonde.

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