Sunday, 19 May 2013


Like many of my fellow men, I have the dubious pleasure to share a bathroom with a female. 

Now being of a certain age, I have my fair share of lotions and potions but let me tell you, these are as nothing compared to my dear wife's collection. Shelf space is not equally allotted as you might imagine. 

Over the years. I have discovered why my modest collection of grooming products is dwarfed by those of the female of the house. It is to do with advertising.

A new product is launched - 'guaranteed to slow down the ageing process of your skin' or 'thickens your hair in only four days' etc. etc.

My wife cannot resist such a declaration and I'm sure she isn't alone. As a result, the collection of half-used beauty products grows and grows until my few 'essentials' are crammed into a corner.

It is so complicated being female - I am very glad to be a mere male.

Now where did I put my moisturiser?

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