Wednesday, 8 May 2013


Do you like reading? By this I mean reading books, newspapers and magazines. Of course you do. You doubtless do it every day. 

As a minimum, I read the paper in the morning, loads of stuff on the computer and a bedtime book at night.

Even if you do it on a kindle thingy it's still a massively pleasurable activity.

Reading a novel is for most, a better experience than seeing the same story as a film. The reason for this is that if you are reading the story, your imagination kicks in and you conjure up the characters and scenes creatively in your head instead of having them placed in front of you and being stuck with the film-maker's version.

Now that your imagination is in play, imagine for a moment not being able to read. I don't mean being illiterate, although this is indeed a sad state to be in. No, I refer to your situation if you are blind.

I was chatting to a blind man the other day and he was explaining how much he relied on 'talking' books, newspapers and magazines. If you were blind you would be just as reliant on these.

So perhaps you could consider volunteering to do some of the recorded reading. If so, the R.N.I.B. would love to hear from you.

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