Wednesday, 22 May 2013


You'll be familiar with the idea of 'desert island discs'. I refer to those top ten songs which you would have to take with you were you about to be marooned on an island for an indefinite period.

Well I have been pondering on desert island smells. Those aromas which would be essential to life as a castaway.

This is obviously a very personal choice and no doubt your own list would differ from mine but wafting around in my selection we find the smell of a baby - almost any age will do. Another would be your favourite perfume whatever that might be. A very personal choice of mine which I doubt many would agree with is the smell of a car exhaust. I have loved that smell since I was a child. Newly mown grass figures in my list as does the smell after a fall of rain.

The rest of my list, no surprise to those who know me are 'foodie' smells. Newly baked bread is a must for me - which reminds me that I must bake a loaf today. Coffee beans or ground coffee would have to be there. Frying bacon is in the mix together with the smell of a roast dinner cooking. Rounding off the list would be the smell as you pass a fish and chip shop which is almost impossible to resist.

So there we have it. My ten favourite smells. As to what order I would put them in - who nose?

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  1. I'm glad you don't have a problem with Anosmia