Sunday, 26 May 2013


Perhaps predictably, having disclosed my personal ten favourite aromas, I now turn my attention to their opposites - those smells which make you heave with disgust.

Whilst your favourite smells are to a large extent a matter of personal taste, I suspect that there will be more general agreement where disgusting whiffs are concerned.

So in no particular order we have excrement or dung. That smell which suddenly fills your car causing you to look suspiciously at your passenger as you pass a field where muck-spreading has taken place. 

Continuing with the animal world we have wet dog, bad fish and skunk. I haven't personally experienced the latter but my American friends assure me it is to be avoided at all cost. 

The smell of vomit can cause you to produce more of the same of course. Not quite so bad but still awful is someone else's bad breath. Your own is never a problem somehow. Similarly, other peoples farts are always worse than your own. Though in our house the dog always gets the blame - even though we don't have one.

Have you ever smelled a bad egg? Quite revolting. As is the pong from rotten vegetables.

Last but not least there is B.O. which of course stands for body odour. Speaking of which, I must away to shower before I find myself figuring in the list.

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  1. Sometimes I get brownie points for taking a shower LOL